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Join Pastor JR Cofer for the Daniel Diet & Healing Series. In this message: BLESSINGS OF BIBLE MEDICINE… Examine how the SECRETS OF BIBLE MEDICINE are found throughout the Holy Scriptures with principles both ANCIENT & ADVANCED!! Reversing Diseases like Cancer, Diabetes and Heart Disease is possible with GODSPLAN FOR GOSPEL HEALTH!!

MEN’S HEALTH – Natural Program for Prostate Enlargement

GODS PLAN FOR PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT JOHN ROBERT COFER – GOSPEL MEDICAL MISSIONARY EVANGELIST I. Name of the Health Problem BENIGN PROSTATE HYPERTROPHY     A. Benign prostate hypertrophy is common in men over 50. The exact cause is not known to medical science, but is speculated to involve changes in hormone levels that occur with […]

GOSPEL OF HEALTH: A Working Agency

Gospel of Health is the name of a final generation movement of revival and reformation to prepare a people for the Glorious Hope of the Gospel and its proclamation. Its foundation in the prophetic books of Daniel and Revelation, its power in the Everlasting Gospel of the 14th chapter of the Apocalypse, and its evangelistic […]

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