GOSPEL OF HEALTH: A Working Agency

Cofer smallGospel of Health is the name of a final generation movement of revival and reformation to prepare a people for the Glorious Hope of the Gospel and its proclamation. Its foundation in the prophetic books of Daniel and Revelation, its power in the Everlasting Gospel of the 14th chapter of the Apocalypse, and its evangelistic work seen in the witness of Gospel Preaching and Health ministry. Evangelists, JR and Maria Cofer, labor to organize training schools and evangelistic meetings patterned after the True Educational Blueprint of the Schools of the Prophets. To give access to Spirit-led Evangelistic Education in Ministerial and Medical Evangelism lines without compromise and debt incurring costs to all peoples heeding the call to ministry is the mission of this Prophetic Working Agency: GOSPEL OF HEALTH.

Gospel-of-Health-smallLike Adam and Eve, who took the apple from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and ate it, our own sheep and lambs are swallowing the deceptive morsels of error offered them…—Letter 224, 1903

The untouched apple in the logo of GOSPEL OF HEALTH represents a RETURN to the obedience of God’s Law…a return to TRUE WORSHIP as preached in Revelation 14:6,7. This Gospel work and message in the judgment hour lays the foundation for the Three Angels Message in this final generation. It’s aim is the stand as a witness in the Churches as well as the World to GOSPEL truth that the end may come. Maranatha.

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