LORD…. SHOW US THE WAY!!! with Evangelist Maria Cofer

Men & Women are CRYING OUT for teaching on the ABCs of Salvation:

“I wish you to distinctly understand this point, that souls are kept from obeying the truth by a confusion of ideas, and also because they do not know how to surrender their wills and their minds to Jesus. They want special instruction how to become Christians. The work done for Christ in the world is not made of great deeds and wonderful achievements. These will come in as needed. But the most successful work is that which keeps self as much as possible out of sight. It is the work of giving line upon line and precept upon precept, here a little and there a little; coming close in sympathy with human hearts. This is the service done to Jesus Christ that will be recognized at the last day” Letter 48, 1886. Ev 152

Join Evangelist Maria Cofer for another mighty message of HOPE!!

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