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A. Benign prostate hypertrophy is common in men over 50. The exact cause is not known to medical science, but is speculated to involve changes in hormone levels that occur with aging

B. The prostate gland surrounds the urethra, so a growing gland gradually narrows the urethra
C. Prolonged obstruction can damage the kidneys

D. Condition can lead to prostatitis or prostate cancer


A. Hormones that control the size of the prostate gland increase due to aging

B. Prostate gland increases in size and partially or completely blocks the urethra, thus hampering the individual’s ability to urinate and control the bladder

A. Occurs in men generally who are over the age of 50

B. Enlargement of the prostate gland

C. Inability to completely empty the bladder through urination

D. Frequent night urinations with decreased volume and force of expelled urine

E. Bladder incontinence

F. Sever pain in lower abdomen due to complete blockage of urethra


A. Hormone increase – enlargement of the prostate is due to the increase of certain hormones with age, which are responsible for the overproduction of prostate cells production with results in prostate enlargement

B. Zinc deficiency – zinc that has been shown to play a reduction role in the prostate size and has been seen to be correspondingly low in men with BENIGN PROSTATE HYPERTROPHY

C. B Complex Deficiency – Vitamin B6 plays a vital role in the body’s metabolism of zinc
D. Fatty Acid Deficiency — A lack of certain fatty acids (linoleic, linolenic, and arachadonic acids) has been linked with prostate enlargement

E. High cholesterol- Increasingly high levels of cholesterol has been shown to have a direct relationship with BENIGN PROSTATE HYPERTROPHY

F. Artificial Diets — Studies have shown that men without prostate problems have diets lacking in refined foods, sugars, and flours. Their diet is mainly of natural foods.

G. Environmental Toxins — An increase in the amount of toxins in food pesticides, preservatives, and outside environmental factors may have a role in the increasing cases of BENIGN PROSTATE HYPERTROPHY

V. Habits that need to be changed

A. Diet that consists of refined products and processed foods

B. Exercise habits need to be formed -Artificial life-style needs to abandoned

Godly Trust

1. Produces natural steroids, which the body makes from cholesterol. When natural steroids are not made, cholesterol levels are increasingly higher, thus furthering the conditions that led to the formation of BENIGN PROSTATE HYPERTROPHY

2. Reduces stress. High levels of stress are linked to deficiency of B Complex vitamins which are essential in the metabolism of zinc, which can reduce prostate size

3. Application of Godly Trust to BENIGN PROSTATE HYPERTROPHY
a. Accept Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour, surrendering all to him in every aspect of life. See John 3:7

b. Recognize that Jesus wants us to “cast all of our cares upon Him,” because he cares for us This means that we should accept by faith that God individually knows our problems, and is personally concerned! Because of this He will work our ‘what is best for us, according to His divine and perfect will (I Peter 5 7) Knowing this, we can give thanks, for we know that this is the will of Christ Jesus concerning us

c. Develop a personal relationship with God through morning and evening personal devotions, along with afternoon and evening prayer times This will bring the real blessings of God’s ever abiding presence closer to the hear and increase our trust in Him.

d. Share God’s goodness with others. Proverbs 1 7 says that the beginning of knowledge is the fear of God. Then in Proverbs 1130 it says that the wise person will win souls. Witnessing to others and Godly fear cannot be separated. This same text-says that the fruit of our witnessing is as “the tree of life,” which Revelation 22:2 says is “for the healing of the nations” Sharing with other what God has done for you is health to the body.
Open Air

1. Accelerates healing by assisting the manufacture of energy. This energy vitalizes every cell in our bodies.

2. Oxygen helps the body metabolize B vitamins which assist in metabolizing zinc


a. Practice proper breathing — when breathing properly, stomach should expand and bulge our slightly. Lay on back and take a deep breath and notice how the stomach rises Now stand up and take deep breaths trying to imitate the type of breathing that was experience while laying down Practice this until it becomes a habit

b. Wear loose fitting clothes especially around the waist. It is preferable that clothes should be suspended from the shoulder; as with suspenders, but if belts are worn take precaution that it is not too tight as to prevent proper circulation.

c. Try to keep windows at least cracked to allow good fresh air ventilation

d. Deep Breathing Exercise — The oxygen cocktail, 5 times/day

1. Stand erect outside, or near an open window
2. Breath in slowly allowing chest and stomach to expand
3. Hold for 20 seconds
4. Breathe out slowly and hold for 10 seconds
5. Repeat this 10 times
Daily Exercise

1. Increase circulation and heart rate, which allows more oxygen to come into the body

2. Because exercise increases overall cellular activity, wastes products are eliminated faster, thus accelerating the healing process

3. Applying daily exercise to BENIGN PROSTATE HYPERTROPHY

a. Walking is an excellent exercise for the health of the prostate gland

b. Rebounding is another good exercise when not able to walk due to weather or time of day
1. Begin slowly and gradually work up to 40 minutes of walking, followed by a 10-15 cool down.

2. Do not overdo this exercise by trying to do too much, at the beginning — Remember — consistency is the key!

1. Increase circulation, which will (especially when outdoors) greatly increase oxygen in the blood. This will accelerate the body’s metabolic rate, and thereby speed up prostate gland size reduction

2. Sunlight uses cholesterol to manufacture Pro-vitamin D. This will decrease
the bodies overall cholesterol level lessening the chances of BENIGN
PROSTATE HYPERIROPHY longevity or further complications


a. Start with 10-15 minutes a day exposing the face
and palms to the sun: increase gradually to 30-45

b. The best times are between 9:00-9:30 AM and 4:30-
5:30 PM. Do not overdo it. Sunburn can easily result if

Proper Rest
1. During restful sleep, the brain regenerates and renews its store of nerve energy and marshals other vital factors

2. The work of building up the body takes place during the hours of rest. The
biggest part in recovery from disease is the rest the individuals get while

2. Other benefits of sleep include, maintains a healthy immune system, purifies the blood, energizes the neurons, restores nervous control, allows for proper growth and repair, allows the body to clean areas that other wise would not be cleaned (i.e., liver and cells).

a. Go to bed as early as possible (1 hour of rest before midnight = 2
hours after midnight)

b. Retire in a dark, and quiet, well ventilated area

c. Sleep on an empty stomach. This will allow body to received maximum rest.

c. Take showers before retiring. This will produce a better, and deeper sleep

d. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes to allow blood circulation. 7-8 hours of sleep are ideal with at least half the time before midnight
Lots of Water
1. Water is one of the 5 necessities for every cell in our body

2. Water has a myriad of functions including aiding in chemical reactions, temperature control, lubrication, transportation, nerve conduction, etc
3. Water aids in the removal of toxic substances in and around the prostate area

4. The external use of water allows the bodies immune system to be strengthened, as well as the nervous and circulatory systems.

5. How to apply water to BENIGN PROSTATE HYPERTROPHY
a. When using water internally distilled water is the best water to drink. Avoid water with chlorine and fluoride. These substances in water have a poisonous affect on the body

b. Do not drink water that is too cold or too hot. Water at room temperature is best

c. Drink half of body weight in ounces everyday

d. Drink no later than half an hour before mealtime, and no earlier than two
hours after mealtime

When using water externally, baths are excellent for prostate problems

1. Sit in bathtub with water completely covering pelvic area
2. Water should be between 110-1200F
3. Sit in water for 20-30 minutes
4. Continue to add hot water to maintain water temperature (use a water thermometer to verify)
5. Place a cold towel around the neck and head while soaking (change these
6. Check body temperature with thermometer to ensure temperature does not
rise above lO5F.

Always Temperate:

Temperance is abstaining from that which is harmful, and the use, in moderation, of that which is wholesome

1. Harmful substances such as alcohol (all types taken internally), caffeine, tobacco, narcotic, and other stimulating substances contribute to prostate problems because they create toxins in the system, and they waken the immune system. This prevents the blood from regulating inflamed or enlarged areas such as the prostate. These substances should be discarded totally and completely.
2. A refined and artificial diet has been linked with prostate enlargement. Refined sugars and flours deplete the body of B complex vitamins, which are necessary for the metabolism of zinc. Zinc has been scientifically proven to reduce the size of an enlarged prostate

3. All toxic hair care products, or body care products should be discarded. The goal is to live life full and free from artificial substances. It will be therefore necessary to check the labels on food as well as body-are products .
4. When healthy lifestyle activities are carried to excess, (i.e. eating, working, studying, etc) these become over taxing to the body, thus aiding to the breakdown of the body, mind and spirit.

5. Applying temperance to BENIGN PROSTATE HYPERTROPHY

a. Eliminate all harmful habits

b. Learn to be moderate in healthful habits and activities
c. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes, and shoes to allow for good
Blood circulation


1. The Bible teaches us that the life of the flesh is in the blood. (Lev. 17:11) Our blood is built by the nutrients that we ingest from what we eat. It is therefore the foods that we eat that are directly related to the health of our blood, and thus our entire being.

2. An improper diet is the number 1 cause for BENIGN PROSTATE HYPERTROPHY. Therefore it is essential to learn what is good for the system and what is not.

a. Animal products, which contain high levels of cholesterol, with no fiber, should
be totally discarded from the diet

b. Fruits, nuts, grains, and vegetables are God’s original plan diet for the preservation and restoration of man. This plan will provide the body with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals which provide the physical structure, as well as fight off disease and infections such as those suffering from BENIGN PROSTATE HYPERTROPHY.

c. Foods to avoid; oils, margarine, shortening, syrup, free starch, all refined products (sugar, flour, cereals, etc), canned foods with large amounts of preservatives, milk and dairy products, meat (including chicken and fish), sodas, cigarettes, and alcohol

d. Eat using God’s Plan Menu
e. Herbal Supplements, use a combination of the following herbs:

1. Saw palmetto,
2. Cornsilk
3. Goldenseal
4. Pygeum africanum
5. Chinese or Siberian ginseng
6. Marshmallow

f. Additional Herbs:

1. Garlic
2. Cayenne Pepper
3. Kelp
4. Alfalfa
5. Horsetail

g. Castor Oil Packs may be necessary during the night season until bladder is more controllable (See Natural Rational Remedies p.77)


A. Eat 1 of the following cooked grains

1. Brown Rice
2. Corn
3. Millet
4. Baked Potato with Skin

B. Raw Salad: to include

1. Dark leaf or Romaine lettuce
2. Carrot sticks
3. Celery
4. Alfalfa sprouts
5. Radishes
6. Red bell peppers
7. Optional Salad Dressing (See Vegetarian Recipes Book)

C. Steam Green Vegetables

1. Leafy vegetables (i.e., greens, spinach, broccoli, etc)
2. Fresh (or frozen) peas or beans

D. Optional: Whole Grain Bread

A. Take Herbal supplements three hours after meal
B. Drink 20-20 oz. (half 3 hours after meal, and half 4 hours after meal)
Supper (5 hours before bedtime) Choose 1 of the Following (See BH Cook-Book)

A. Vegetable Soup (optional: with Zwieback whole grain bread)
B. Potassium Broth (optional: with Zwieback whole grain bread)
C. Fruit Salad (optional. with Zwieback whole gram bread)


Drink 20-3 0 oz. water (half 4 hours after meal, and half 5 hours after meal)


GOD’S PLAN Cancer Program should be read and the program contained therein followed Include the following the nutritional support in addition to the items in the basic program.

SAW PALMETTO HERB capsulate in vegetable capsules. Take 4 capsule~13x day

PUMPKIN SEEDS raw, unsalted. Eat 2 tablespoons per day

KELP TABLETS one tablet 3x/day or l tsp. daily

parsley 1 part
buchu 1 part
cornsilk 1/2 part
culver 1/2 pan
dandelion 1 part

Mix all herbs together. Bring water to a boil. Remove from heat, add 1 tsp herbs per cup of water Let steep 20 minutes Strain and drink. Drink 2-3 cups of this tea daily

SITZ BATH – Place 2 pounds Epsom salts per tub of hot water Soak 30 minutes. Also, alternate with chamomile tea (1 qt. to tub of water).

GARLIC – Blend 1-2 cloves of garlic in 16 oz. water. Drink this amount each day

FLAX SEEDS – 1-2 Tbs. with meals 3x/day

SLIPPERY ELM POWDER – 1 tsp. in cup of water 3x/day

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