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TITHE EXPOSED….CHRIST VINDICATED **What is the purpose of Tithe? **Who can receive Tithe?**What is God’s Treasury or Storehouse?**What institutions are considered a STOREHOUSE?**Did Ellen White teach Self Supporting Workers could be supported with Tithe and Offerings?** I have had special instruction from the Lord that the tithe is for a special purpose, consecrated to God […]

The Principles of True Revival and Reformation in 7 Points

Controversy has been created by a recent video by Pastor Jeremiah David and Moses Mason which infers that Pastor Andrew Henriques and those establishing Churches (not under the Conference) are: 1. Led of Satan 2. Calling the Church Babylon (indirectly) 3. Calling People out of the Church This roundtable presentation by Pastor Andrew Henriques of […]


Join Pastor JR Cofer in Washington DC for a Special “SABBATH CONFERENCE” – Sept 10 2016

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Donate YES, I want to help Gospel of Health develop an Army of Youth, establish Schools of the Prophets, preach and practice the “Gospel of Health”, and bring the Breath of Life back into the Church. I want to donate as a monthly, quarterly, yearly or one-time supporter of this faith ministry. You can make […]

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